How to download a very large file from Google Drive

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    Here are step-by-step instructions to download a file from Google Drive using the command line API if the file is shared privately and needs authentication.

    Get the file ID:

    1. Go to your Google Drive in your browser.
    2. Right-click (or control-click) the file you want to download and click “Get shareable link”. The link looks like this: Make note of the file ID “XXXXX”; you will be needing it below.

    Get an OAuth token:

    1. Go to OAuth 2.0 Playground
    2. In the “Select the Scope” box, scroll down, expand “Drive API v3”, and select
    3. Click “Authorize APIs” and then “Exchange authorization code for tokens”. Copy the “Access token”; you will be needing it below.

    Download the file from the command line:

    If using OS X or Linux, open the “Terminal” program and enter the following command.

    1. curl -H "Authorization: Bearer YYYYY" -o ZZZZZ 

    If using Windows, open the “PowerShell” program and enter the following command.

    1. Invoke-RestMethod -Uri -Method Get -Headers @{"Authorization"="Bearer YYYYY"} -OutFile ZZZZZ 

    In your command, replace “XXXXX” with the file ID from above, “YYYYY” with the access token from above, and “ZZZZZ” with the file name that will be saved (for example, “myFile.mp4” if you’re downloading an mp4 file).

    Press Enter and let the download begin.

    Benefit while using BaiduDownloader[.]com ( change the [.] to the dot “.”)

    – No need to create Baidu account.

    – No need to buy Baidu pan VIP account.

    – No need to install the Baidu pan net disk tool.

    – Support both files and folder transfer to Google Drive.

    – No more issues with an internet connection (Because even if you have Baidu pan VIP account you can not get folders and large-size items directly)

    – No more use of third-party tools ( you may affect virus when using the third-party tool).

    – No need to change the user agent and other tricks.

    – Just need to input your email (it would be better when using Gmail). And we will transfer for you in a few minutes to a few hours.

    If your file is less than 1GB in size, you will get it for free using the discount code “FREEDOWNLOAD1GB“. That’s just my opinion, hope you like it too.

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    Use IDM (Internet Download Manager).

    IDM is a very good software which can make life easy in many scenarios. One of them is downloading large files from sites like google drive.

    The real problem with downloading large file from google drive is that

    • the speed of download via a browser may be slow
    • the browser may also discard the entire file after it
    • If for some reason download stops, it restarts from the beginning

    To tackle all those problems, Install IDM. It will automatically install IDM browser extensions along with the application. Visit google drive file page and download the file. IDM will automatically capture the download from browser and after that there is no need for browser. Download speed in IDM is also very good compared to browser.

    Important: If for some reasons the download stops and you can’t resume, you have the option to refresh download link. Right click on your download in IDM and select option to refresh download link. It will open a new browser tab with download page and you just have to again press the download button. IDM will automatically capture the link and ask for confirmation. Then it will resume from where it stopped.

    Wondering about a way to download large files from google drive without zipping the files? Well, there is indeed a way out! Follow the detailed guidelines below.

    Detailed Guidelines To Download Large Files From Google Drive Without Zipping

    For Android Users:

    • First, install and launch the advanced download manager app on your Android device.
    • From the main interface tap on the three vertical dots from the top left corner. Here you will be able to access the in-built browser.
    • Paste the link of the file you want to download in the URL bar at the top. If the file is not public, you have to log in to a Google account that has access to the file.
    • Once you have reached the file tap on the download button from the top.
    • If the file is larger than 250 MB, it will warn you that Google Drive cannot scan for viruses. Hit the ‘Download anyway’ button below this warning message.
    • A window will appear where you can rename its name. Click on the ‘Advanced’ button at the end of the window & change ‘Threads per download’ to the max.
    • Hit the ‘Start’ button to begin the download. You can pause, resume the download from the main screen of the app.

    this method will allow you to download multiple large files at once from Google Drive.

    For iPhone Users:

    • Install and launch the Total Files app from the App store on your iPhone.
    • Tap on the icon from the bottom left corner to access the in-built browser.
    • Paste the link to the file you want to download.
    • Tap the download button on top, tap on the ‘Download anyway’ button to start.
    • You will see a notification at the bottom, select the ‘Download’ option. Then select the download destination & name of the file.
    • Tap on the ‘Download’ button to initiate the process of download on the Phone.

    If you still face certain problems then here is what you can do about it:

    • Try an alternate browser or maybe Incognito Mode
    • Temporarily disable the extension so that Google Drive can work smoothly.
    • If your google drive is not downloading the file after zipping then disable your anti-virus Firewall.

    I hope my answer helps you in downloading large files from Google Drive to your smartphone.

    Try native Google Drive desktop client instead of using the web browser.

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    Have you tried the native Google Drive desktop client instead of using the web browser? Browsers have limitations with file sizes that desktop clients don’t have, so it should work much better for large files.

    If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to download a very large file from Google Drive, you can use the Drive File Downloader. This tool allows you to easily and quickly download any file that is greater than 5GB in size. Simply enter the file name and the tool will start downloading it for you. You can even choose to have the file saved to your computer’s local folder or download it directly to your device.

    This tool is incredibly useful if you need to quickly download a large file that you need to work on or share with someone else. It’s easy to use and works quickly so you won’t have to wait long for your file to finish downloading. Thanks for asking!

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    2GB is the limit for 32bit file addresses.

    Web-based custom downloaders are limited to that ( like the one on google drive )

    To get the files install the google client and download using it ( sync )

    The only other way would be using third-party cloud downloaders , those charge a monthly fee.

    With a FREE web-based cloud file transfer manager, MultCloud, you can save any files from the web directly to your Google Drive without downloading and uploading. You can enter the web file’s address, and in an instant, the file will be available in your Google Drive.

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