How to describe yourself

  • I’m a Beyblade fan and am not scared of my enemies be it Amol Akshay Ayush or Kalipurusha himself.

    I have defecation In one eye due to the fact that of which I can’t see small letters from that eye( not from other. )

    I wear specs, am not thinking about making hairdos, wearing “elegant clothing and specifically those ripped off clothes” and am also not thinking about prospering or living in a huge home. That only leads to greed which leads to destruction.

    People believe I’m a girl by taking a look at my face. Everybody tries to roast me by calling me physically weak, and so on

    I was bullied in previous school however psychologically. They also never wanted me to play since they thought I will make them loose and only wanted me for assistance in homework or exams.

    No one wants to be my good friend in new school due to the fact that of me being a Hindu thiest and especially after me roasting my Ravana bhakta Hindi instructor.

    I dislike maths. Worst moment was when my maths instructor became the English instructor. He didn’t hear half of my answer and stated it is wrong and when the topper lady told the exact same response I was telling he praised her and disregarded when I raised my hand to respond to.

    I didn’t do homework for lots of days as soon as since of which I was beaten both in your home and at school.

    I was when roasted by social science instructor in online class.

    I can make this black panther claws by folding my fingers

    I can also fold my middle finger behind at 3 sixty degree angle.

    I can dismantle and again assemble my bones which shocked my cousin when and left his mouth open. (Perhaps all these things occur because I’m physically weak and have bones more than muscles)

    I fed numerous stray animals like pets, cats, squirrels, birds, etc

    I was an Athiest and after that a Christian prior to going back to Hinduism again.

    I had porn addiction which took years to leave. I also stopped abusing from my mouth and eating eggs( I didn’t like them at all. My material daddy utilized to forcefully feed them until I finally said NO I WON’T CONSUME IT!! Consider the hen when her eggs are eliminated. And he responded that the eggs are of veggies)

    I am Vegetarian.

    I attempted to do Suicide once

    My material mother when stated numerous bad things to me but she is not constantly like that.

    I like writing and am constantly writing online screenplays.

    I don’t like to share my problems so that others do not have to get indulged and waste there time.

    I have actually dealt with depression and downfall many times.

    I once published YouTube videos But later on stopped

    I was admitted to health center as soon as, placed stapler pin inside my finger( 2 pins) and also has am mishap as soon as on the roadway due to the fact that of which I had fainted and my head was bleeding.

    I constantly hear all this before sleeping

    I don’t consider breastfeeding tabboo.

    I imagine Numerous things I’ll do in Vaikuntha prior to sleeping.

    I never quit. It’s just one day anxiety and sobbing next day a new spirit is back.

    I did greatest error once by abusing Shiva Shakti due to the fact that of a rascal making me loose my control and had repented a lot for that

    My zodiac sign is Libra.

    My name is Rohan and label is Ayush in school.

    I enjoy eating noodles and dosa but I attempt to get control over my tongue.

    I beleive Chaitanya Mahaprabhu to be an incarnation and am not one of those who call Radharani fictional

    I dislike Mughals and Indian education system and love real history of India

    I am a born Vaishnav who was constantly drawn in twoards LakshmiNarayan

    Whenever I take a look at an image of LakshmiNarayan they change there gestures.

    I view doraemon, ShinChan Pokemon and so on

    Favourite program is Vishnu puran

    My moms and dads are LakshmiNarayan, I also like phuphaji and bhanji (Shiva Parvati )and mausi( ma saraswati)

    I’m weak hearted and likewise have a phobia

    Tease my Quoran buddies and you’ll get killed by my. Anti hindu? I’m your slayer.

    I am the one who ruined francisasur and others and will eliminate that Siddhartharakshasa in future.

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