How to as an individual benefit from philosophizing

  • David Barron gets to the nub of what philosophy is for, though helpful philosophical idea depends on more on simply inward introspection, though it can likewise land you in deep water. The philosophical technique can be utilized to connect otherwise diverse occasions to reason that are not immediately obvious, and nowhere is this harder than attempting to understand global politics.

    In the news yesterday, Russian president Vladimir Putin makes a victorious see to Syria airbase. President Assad tells him that the Syrian people will never forget Russia’s assistance in driving Islamic State ISIS from the country. See:

    Vladimir Putin makes triumphant see to Syria airbase

    Previously this month, the head of the Russian army said Syria had been entirely liberated from Isis forces. Putin stated a considerable part of Russian forces would be withdrawn from Syria, though scepticism was warranted given that 2 previous announcements have actually been consulted with little visible scaling down.

    However let’s pause for a moment and figure out what this may mean. A few years ago, popular reporter Pepe Escobar informed his readers that the conflict in Syria was mainly driven by Saudi Arabia’s determination to reclaim oil fields taken from it as an effect of the secret Sykes-Picot treaty between Britain and France in 1916 which efficiently sculpted up the middle east. A line was drawn between Acre in Israel and Kirkuk in Iraq, all territory to the north– Syria– under French control, while all to the south– Iraq, under British jurisdiction.

    Quick forward to2003 In January, Fox news reported that Iraq had 350,000 armed personnel. The first thing that Paul Bremer did when using up workplace in Iraq’s Green Zone a few months later was to disband the entire Iraqi armed services and police making 400,000 individuals redundant who were not pleased with the damage of their nation by Messrs Bush and Blair,

    Therefore, this caused the creation of ISIS, and we can all remember those columns of gleaming white SUV’s trundling down the Syrian highway collecting all the weapons that the United States had actually left, and the subsequent carnage that they have meted out.

    ISIS were the strong arm kids of those oil business who wished to drill, refine and market the oil, so who moneyed them– Saudi Arabia, and MI6’s proxy CIA. In case you’re not aware, MI5/6 means UK Military Intelligence.

    It would thus appear that the Syrian war is now over, however who has won and who has lost. And we are naturally talking numerous trillions in oil revenues and so on. Some specialists have actually called the Syrian the endgame, the last resting location of the petrodollar.

    Putin likewise met Egypt’s Sisi (ISIS in reverse) to discuss the resumption of flights in between Cairo and Moscow, a move that will certainly not be welcomed by the United States. In addition, Putin met up with Turkey’s President Erdogan to warn of further tensions over Trump’s announcement that the entire of Jerusalem is now the capital of Israel, and which, not unsurprisingly, has actually outraged the Palestinians.

    In the meantime, the foreign ministers of Russia, China and India met to go over the stress arising from the military drills of South Korea and United States, and the response of Kim Jong-Un and Trump’s personal insults of the man.

    But then we get the other day’s terrorist attack in New York. Commonly publicised as an only terrorist who was motivated by ISIS however not managed by them, this comes hot on the heels of Friday’s contract between UK and EU that in result leaves the EU’s four flexibilities intact on Brexit Day, particularly no hard Irish border and retention of some ECJ jurisdiction, whilst concurrently offering the UK government delegate adapt the 12,000 pieces of legislation as it chooses, and which can just lead to a huge wear and tear in the living requirements of the poorer working class and those on universal credit, plus huge cutbacks to civil services.

    In the meantime, EU is threatening to forcibly move euro denominated clearing homes to the EU mainland, therefore depriving the City of London of among its main money making systems, which are the fortunes to be made every time the currency exchange rate in between currencies modifications, which can be a huge number on any specific day. This move presumably avoids CoL from capitalising on currency exchange rate variations in between sterling and the euro.

    As an aside, in 2010 and 2012, short articles appeared on the Internet suggesting that currency speculation due to exchange rate fluctuations is now run the risk of totally free because neutrinos can travel in straight lines through the earth, and this is exploited to communicate info in between stock market ahead of the details arriving over the earth’s surface which is a longer distance.

    If you understand which way a currency exchange rate is going to move milliseconds before it does, then the cash young boys can utilize this to their advantage. Everything comes down to physics.

    You can check out these articles at:

    Relativistic trading: The speed of light isn’t fast sufficient for some market transactions

    and neutrinos-to-give-high-frequency-traders-the-millisecond-edge/&& refURL= & referrer = #48 f252 c7590 c

    So when Theresa May states Brexit suggests Brexit, we might be leaving the EU, however we are not leaving Europe, there may be more than a grain of fact to this,

    The stakes could not be higher, for all this goes to the heart of what UK sovereignty means. The facts are unpalatable in the extreme. The goal of the EU by 2025 is total financial and financial union when all member states should have adopted the euro. See:

    5 Presidents’ Report sets out plan for strengthening Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union as of 1 July 2015

    I analyze the word ‘total’ to be taken literally.

    Might 2018: Convergence Reports by the Commission and the European Reserve Bank on the progress made by the Member States in meeting the conditions for adopting the single currency of the European Union

    A look at the charts over the past 10 years reveals that sterling is a benchmark currency that the euro and the United States dollar are now determined versus, and if the US got it in its head that sterling might have to be changed by the euro, this would suffice to force the UK to leave the EU.

    Therefore, the loss of the pound would be devastating for the global monetary system as a whole. Friday’s statements states the UK is not in fact leaving the EU, thus the other day’s terrorist attack. I’m just stating this since last Thursday I did really forecast that a terrorist attack would happen in the next few days to make it plain to the powers-that-be of BIG frustration, but it is likewise possible that none of the above is related.

    This week, EU leaders meet to reassess development in the Brexit talks, so my forecast is that they will overturn most it not all that May and Tusk concurred upon.

    To leave the EU, a difficult border should be set up in order to protect the stability of the four liberties of trade, individuals, services and finance, plus UK should sever all ties with ECJ. Failure to do so means UK wont have actually left the EU, which indicates the threat to the pound remains genuine and horrendous. This might be the endgame of the war in Syria, however just like everything in worldwide politics, it’s just a guess, just my personal viewpoint, and something to write about at 4.30 in the early morning.

    We do live in a world that is linked. The EU does not support Trump’s statement that Jersusalem is the capital of Israel.

    Macron tells Netanyahu that United States acknowledgment of Jerusalem is threat to peace

    Macron informs Netanyahu that US acknowledgment of Jerusalem is risk to peace, which is another snub to US foreign policy. Slightly more disturbing is today’s news at:

    Numerous sex transgressors released from jail in spite of posturing risk to public, discovers report

    Numerous sex offenders launched from jail despite presenting danger to public, discovers report. HMP Dartmoor stopping working to protect public from threat due to ‘unexpected, hurried and poor’ release of sex culprits, prison guard dog warns.

    This might offer an idea to how one might answer a current concern postured on Quora: ‘does God exist?’

    Finally, this week, the UK remains in the grip of unseasonably high snow storms. I can’t remember the last time this occurred with such ferocity and prior to Xmas.

    How I like conspiracy theories. The world is poised for driverless automobiles and AI robotics, testimony to the extraordinary leaps in technological innovation, and nowhere is this more evident that the 2015 post

    United States Air Force Confesses They Can Manage the Weather

    US Flying Force Confesses They Can Control the Weather Condition.

    The United States Air Force and DARPA would like us to think that they have actually stopped using HAARP in Alaska for research and experiment. Even then, all of us understand that there are other HAARP systems out there in the type of radar interaction and surveillance systems that are rigged on top of mobile platforms that are deployable in any global waters around the globe.

    All they require to do is twist a button to alter the frequency to microwave range and increase the frequency regulated [FM] transmission power enough to reach and heat up the atmosphere above the target << Ends>>

    California is presently in the grip of some of the most devasting fires it’s ever had to deal with, and now UK is struggling with unprecentended snow storms. I take a look at those images and I ask myself– from technical and geographical perspectives, the Californian fires could be North Korean ICBMs filled with napalm, so perhaps the world is at war with itself, just nobody is in fact telling us.

    Is the above anymore far brought than Nick Bostrum’s ‘Are you residing in a computer system simulation?’ See

    Are You Residing In a Computer System Simulation?

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