How old do you have to be to cuss?

  • How old do you have to be to cuss?

    Swearing should be allowed at any age, including children. They are just words. But young people should be taught when swear words are appropriate to be used and when they are not. Conversational swearing is always ok. Confrontational swearing and racial terms are not ok. Studies have shown that swearing used in every day conversation is very beneficial, especially to kids. So such swearing should be allowed, encouraged, enjoyed, and celebrated! LET YOUR KIDS SWEAR! My direct answer to your question would be: as soon as he or she is old enough to talk. In other words, as soon as a kid is old enough to talk, they should be allowed to start swesring.

    You only have to be old enough to be able to say a curse word. For some people that is 6 months old, for others it is much older.

    But if you are asking “How old do you have to be for it to be socially acceptable for you to cuss?” Well, that’s a different answer.

    It is never socially acceptable in some social circles, and always in others. Some think its funny when a baby cusses and they encourage it, others would be mortified.

    There is a purpose to cussing, and there is a purpose for social niceties, and oddly enough, their are places where those two actually overlap and cussing can become a social nicety.

    My point is, there is no age limit, there are just social expectations, and those are extremely malleable.

    A child, testing their boundaries, will be old enough to cuss when cussing is used situational appropriate for their social group and no one questions that it was done. Even within the social groups, there is no specific age. It will depend upon the child. Some will be given more, or less, respect or leeway than others, depending upon their social status within their group.

    Generally, my opinion is that if you know a word, and you know what it means, and you know how to use it, then you are old enough to use it, because you will know when not to use it.

    Hope that helps!

    As soon as you know what you’re talking about; before that, it’s just ignorance.

    Personally, I don’t think she really matters in this case. To be fair, they’re literally just words. Yeah, they’re offensive (depending in which context you’re using them in) but other than that I think it’s fine to swear.

    I’m not gonna say ‘as long as you don’t offend’ or any of that bullshit because they’re literally there, to offend people. Like their purpose is to be offensive and insulting. But like i grew up with swearing in my household, and I don’t really know, I just grew up with it so I picked up on it really quickly and it became part of my vocabulary.

    But of course, words such as the n-word (n*g and the gay slur (f*g shouldn’t be said. Unless you’re black, then you can say the n word, it’s your word and your history. You get to say it and no one else. Other than that, I have no problem with swearing at any age.

    so yeah, you can swear, just don’t be too disrespectful 🙂

    It varies, and at some point, it’s acceptable. It’s useful to verbalize pain and stress, sometimes it’s useful to exaggerate.

    But, using cuss words without moderation and with lack of respect also shows a lack in intelligence. There are many vocabulary words to use in place of those words. If the best word you can think of is one that offends people, you’re not in a good place.

    I think most people (in the US) start saying “crap” early, like around 12 maybe a little sooner. Even though this word is simple, it still shouldn’t be abused, despite how soft this word is, it can still be offensive.

    Most other words need to be said carefully, considering the crowd and occasion. When you can learn how to handle simple language, that’s when you can use cuss words.

    Be respectful of your parents though, if they don’t want to hear it, don’t try and persuade them otherwise. Remember, learn the crowd and the occasion.

    Ok, guess it’s time for the outlier to check in…

    When he was in kindergarten, my son came home with a joke. (BTW, he’s 37 today.)

    “Hey, dad, do You know what begins with F and ends in UCK?”

    In my head I’m thinking Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, but I kept it together.

    “What’s that?”, dreading the reply.

    “Firetruck, of course.”

    Now I hope you will believe me when I say that he knew EXACTLY what he had spelled. He was already reading at a third grade level. His giggles proclaimed his knowledge.

    Now, I know he read Catcher in the Rye at 11. Perfectly appropriate for his college reading level. I heard him use such language with his friends, and didn’t bother to even mention it. I got blasted with some of it during his mother’s and my divorce, and treated it as the fairly normal reaction of a teen to the situation.

    He got toasted for using it on the campus of his Jesuit High School. When you get toasted by a Jesuit priest, it tends to stick. The priest who did it told me about it as we were waiting for a St. Pat’s Day parade to kick off, and we laughed together. Part of turning a boy into a man, and we both understood it. He had a boatload of experience with the process, and I deferred to his expertise.

    It really depends on environmental and social factors. From personal experience, my parents never really swore in front of me, or I just didn’t pay attention to it. However, I was fully aware of what the words were.

    I understood all basic swear words in 4th grade, but didn’t say them. At one point in 2nd grade, a kid in my private school made a joke with the f word, and several kids looked at him as I was laughing away—they were my age (7–8) and knew what the word was.

    In eighth grade, the kids swore fluently as well, and you could hear teachers curse under their breath. The same with high school.

    It’s honestly dependent upon your environment and where you grow up, in my opinion.

    As old as you want. I’m a personal believer that words are words and that fuck is no different than frick or any other variation. But that’s just me.

    You have to be old enough to learn the words from someone who already knows them. By the time I was 4- or 5- years-old, I had already heard my grandfather/male guardian say “g*ddamned” many, many times. My grandmother/female guardian asked me one Sunday morning before church where my quarter for the collection plate was (because it had gone missing) and I replied, “I don’t know where the g*ddamned quarter is.” She slapped me and cussed him out. (I’m still not sure where the logic was in that.) By the time I was eight, I knew all the standard U.S. English cuss words—and what they meant—as did the children I went to school with. Cuss words are language. Children acquire language quickly.

    The appropriate age to start cursing is when you are mature enough to know in what situations you would hurt people by cursing in front of them. I started cursing at 11, and it probably distressed my parents.

    I don’t believe there is a certain age you have to be to curse/cuss. However, I would find it disrespectful for a toddler to come up to me and say, “Hey asshole, get your fking head out of your fking ass and get your fking ass over here this fking instant you bh!”

    When I turned 13 I told my mother I wanted my own telephone and I was going to start cussing. She back handed me and told me the only phone was going to be the one hanging on the kitchen wall and if I started cussing she would whip me bloody. When I first went off to college the girls tried to teach me to cuss but one shook her head and told me I talked so slow that I couldn’t cuss worth a frog fart. The best way to cuss is not to use the vulgar words every one else does but to have such command of language that you can tell someone off and exactly what you think of his poor choices . My youngest daughter has perfected this.

    However you did not ask me how to cuss but when you would be old enough to cuss. Go ask your father.

    Personally as soon as you slide out of that screaming water park you call mother.

    ‘ who in the blind fuck are you?’

    ‘ where in Satan’s arsecrack am I?’

    ‘Smack my arse again doc and I’ll fucking lamp you’.

    ‘ I’ve shat myself. I am currently walking around in my own shit.’

    ‘ what do you mean school? Fuck my life’.

    I mean little kids are already funny and adorable when they swear (unintentionally) but imagine babies just dropping the F bomb over that Apple and carrot flavoured vomit you call food.

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