How much weight will I lose if I don’t eat for 3 days?

  • A little late to the party, but do not listen to 90% of the answers here. All Im seeing is mostly people with their opinions and theories on what will happen to you if you do this based on some internet reading. Doesnt sound like anybody here is speaking from personal experience. No, your not going to die from not eating, thats not how it works. You have to understand though, this is not a fix for being overweight, and dont use this method like that. This should only be used to give yourself a good weight drop, confidence, and a start on breaking bad eating habits. Thats all.

    I have done this before, skipped all food intake for 3 weeks to drop weight. And yes, it DOES work, but you have to understand what your doing and how to go about it. Im currently 6 days in on doing it again. Heres what happens.

    You basically cut off eating entirely. That is going to be a real bad struggle for the first 2-3 days, definitely the hardest part of doing this. Then after that your body goes into survival mode and the hunger diminishes becoming much less of an obsticle than you would think. Fluids is key. Stay hydrated, even if ur not feeling that thirsty, make sure your drinking plenty of water. Also, I would definitely recommend not doing JUST water. Drinks some juices and maybe take some once a day vitamins. Not a crazy amount, but maybe 2-3 normal sized cups a day. Yes, its calories on the juice part, but its also vitamins which is important with this method. The goal isnt to starve your body from what it needs, your goal is to bottom out calorie intake. The method will still be effective because your calorie intake is still going to be rediculously lower than before. You will experience fatigue, but its nowhere near the caliber being described here. Its very very minimal, drink some coffee on occasions to help counter that, you will feel fine. I work during the day doing hard physical labor, never have I had a problem wearing myself out or feeling weak. Thats not actually a thing you will deal with. Your throat will feel odd throughout the entire time doing this, thats the only thing you will really notice. Doesnt hurt or feel sore, mainly will feel a bit dry, but thats it. Yes, you will lose a little muscle, but its a really minimal amount, not as much as people here are saying. It wont even be physically noticeable, and definitely nothing that you wont be able to gain back quickly. The first week is challenging because thats the hardest struggle and depending on your weight you might not see a real difference in your body, but thats mainly because you just started and your body is still adjusting to the situation. On the second week, your body will be running systematically on the stored fat cells in your body, thats LITERALLY the purpose of stored fact in your body. Another reason that fatigue wont be an issue, if your overweight, your body has stored energy to feed your body. By the end of the third week you will notice a major difference, you will feel lighter on your feet. Theres no real difference in methods in the third week, by then you should just be going through the motions of what you have already been doing. Ive never gone passed three weeks, mainly didnt feel a reason to because this truthfully is not a permanent answer and something you should be doing regularly. All this is, is getting a good head start on dropping some weight fast and gaining a little confidence from it because you will see that its possible. Once your at the end of this is the most important part. You will see a huge difference, but dont get comfortable with that, because you can easily put back on everything you lost. You need to make changes in your life. First off, dont go crazy with food. One of the benefits of doing this method, is your stomach will shrink, and your intake will be much less than it was naturally. Use this to your advantage to adjust to eating smaller portions than before and STICK WITH IT. Dont go crazy and stuff yourself, then your stomach will start to expand and you will fall back into the habits that got yourself overweight to begin with. Focus on eating better foods. No fast food, no fatty foods, etc. Eat lean meats, and low starch vegetables (if your unsure, just stick with green). If you have to eat out, aim for something healthier. Jimmy johns, subway, etc. If your only option is McDonalds (I work doing service at several locations in a day), then get a salad. Control. Thats what you need to take out of this, and the most important part is maintaining the self control. Your capable. If you can stick out 2-3 weeks fasting, you can keep asserting control. Start working out. In order to lose weight and be healthier, truth is you HAVE to eat healthy and work out. Yes, you can splurge a little here and there, its not going to kill you.

    Its a temporary method for quick weight loss, but dont let these people scare the shit out of you. They dont know from experience. Apply these things, you will be just fine.

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