How long will it take for an immune system recover after low-dose …

  • There are a lot of variables at play. The answer offered earlier is an accurate description of pharmacokinetics. It is a little more nuanced however. One variable is the actual dose and another is the duration of time in which it was given. The longer the period of prednisone use, the longer it takes to recover. The hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis is susceptible to both the perceived level of the drug in one’s system as detected by the hypothalamus and having enough cells to do the work. The tissues of the pituitary gland are both dependent on corticotropin releasing hormone which comes from the hypothalamus to stimulate production but there is also a trophic element. In the absence of the trophic effect of the releasing hormone there is possible atrophy of pituitary cells which, in turn, are suppose to produce ACTH. If they have atrophied, it will take a period of time to return. A similar effect of ACTH on cortisol producing cell occurs. It is necessary to stimulate the growth of the necessary cells and their production of cortisol. Thanks for sticking with me through this convoluted discussion. Here is the take home point. The pituitary cells and the adrenal cells both need a period of recovery and they also need the proper momentary (on demand) stimulus to produce cortisol normally. I have had patients in whom recovery likely took many months. On an average we produce the equivalent of about 5 mg of prednisone in the AM and about 2.5 mg in the PM. Doses lower than those likely allow for more rapid recovery of the entire, complex, apparatus. Now I have told you more than I know. :>)

    To us a relative short period, so almost immediately, I’d say.

    Far more important it the risk of adrenal suppression, meaning the body being unable to make lots of cortisol when stressed, e.g. after an accident, undergoing major surgery, or suffering a serious infection, this can lead to a relative adrenal insufficiency, circulatory shock, risking death, this effect can be demonstrated up to 18 months after having stopped the prednisone. So if falling seriously ill/needing major operation/after trauma, tell the docs so they can, if needed, supply cortisol to prevent this from happening!!

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    I was on prednisone as a kid for my arthritis. I never had problems with my immune system but I DO have severe osteoporosis and have to give myself prolix shots every 6 months. I’ve been on humira for about 10 years. I do those shots too. No problems with my immune system. I was exposed to all kinds of germs for 30 years as a nurse and I’m never sick. If you were on prednisone for awhile you may want to have occasional bone scans to keep an eye on bone loss.

    I’m not sure I understand your question. When drs give a dose like that, it’s designed to shock your immune system. Usually it’s given for 3 days only. Your immune system doesn’t need to “recover.”

    But when steroids over 12 mg a day are given for more than 2 weeks, your immune system gets lazy and stops making steroids. It figures, “Hey, we are getting what we need, why work?” That’s why it’s very important to slow taper when it’s time to stop in order to give your steroids a chance to start working again….

    Prednisone will peak in your system in 2 hours if it is an immediate release preparation. If it is a delayed release preparation, it will peak in about 6 – 6 1/2 hours. The half-life of the drug is 2 – 3 hours. This means in 3 hours from when you took the drug, only half of it will remain in your system. The dose of prednisone is slowly reduced so your body can resume making its on steroid. So, by the time you get to your last dose, it will be six hours and the drug will all be gone in your system. Therefore, count the six hours after your last dose and this is when your immune system should be back to normal or very close to normal.

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    For one thing, there really is no such thing as not having an immune system.

    The immune system is very powerful and intricate. It has many ways to fight its various opponents it may face and multiple layers of security. However, the immune system is concerned with inflicting damage upon its own body cells, so it naturally suppresses itself to prevent it from causing damage.

    Prednisone will reduce the amount of swelling in your body by blocking receptors for a chemical called histamine. Histamine is released by immune cells called mast cells to facilitate a quicker immune response and also help support healing by improving local cells’ metabolic rates. Now that I’ve explained the good side of inflammation, the medicine may seem counterintuitive, but inflammation in the wrong places can be dangerous. That is why you would need to take it.

    Also, a note to OP: while it may seem like you have a weak immune system if you get really bad symptoms while sick, that usually just means the opposite: your immune system is hard at work! Many symptoms like coughing, sneezing and fever are actually immune system defensive actions.

    Hope this helps!

    its a bit complicated to put all cases in a timeline,it depends from case to case but still,if the dose was low and the duration was not more than 3 months,you may expect full recovery of leukocytes in about 8 to 12 weeks.

    immune-boosting agents like curcumin, antioxidants,Tinospora and l carnitine can accelerate the process.

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    It’s crucial to understand that many diseases are the result of immune system malfunction which occurs due to low endorphin levels. The immune system is regulated by endorphins. An increase in endorphin levels can help normalize the immune system and thereby heal the body.

    Low Dose Naltrexone (otherwise known as LDN) promotes the normalization of endorphin production and immune function.

    One feature of LDN is that it blocks the natural endorphin release system in the body for several hours. This block causes the brain to think it needs to increase endorphin production. When the block wears off, the body is flooded with all the beneficial endorphins it produced, which remain in the body providing a tremendous amount of benefits to the body for the rest of the day.

    LDN has been shown to increase the endorphin levels in the body by 300%!

    Depending on your age and general health it should not take long.

    It would also depend on your definition of “low dose”.

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