How is TATA Consultancy Services (TCS) for freshers?

  • Got a chance finally to share some experience. Yes the TATAs have done an enormous job building TCS and providing opportunities for thousands of people, we have more than 375,000 employees , which is a huge number. No disrespect for the company.

    It’s all about the people you work with, the people you look up to as a fresher to learn and grow and guess how those people will be, you don’t want to deal with them . Literally they are like the govt office careless employees in formal dress.

    First three months of training all good, company ethics, basics of of programming, for a computer science student, it’s not much for others (and yes it’s their fault for the choice but let’s say that they have already started here) a bit struggle, not to learn this stuff but to forget what they have learnt over the years.

    You got through the training good, now you will be told your profile will be shared with TCS projects and expect calls. Also as long as you don’t get into a project ,you will not have your performance pay (go through the offer letter, this counts). You are eager now to kick start, get some calls few they will say straight, it’s a support project and you are not ready to accept as your friends and seniors would have advised not to go for support and testing (I will come back to this). You reject a few, and this is where Resource Management Mafia comes into play, you will be warned first, if you are not accepting a project, you will end up in bench for long time and you ignore this thinking it’s common and guess what they have to clear this batch as the next batch is finishing training in a few days. After a few months you don’t have a choice, you will get a mail saying you will be joining some project starting tomorrow.

    When you are in bench, you will be treated with minimum respect, there will be a Shepherd, who himself is frustrated that he did not get a project and he displays it on you in ways you wouldn’t have imagined.

    You got into a project now, in some cases it’s just RMG pressure that made the manager take you into project. Now there is project bench, you are told you are not ready to face the customer, it will take time . How much ,might be weeks ,months even years. By the time you start work, you would have lost a year and now in depression that you did not learn anything in the last year and so called seniors in the team are scaring you, oh why did you take up this project it’s bad for your career, that adds to depression.

    And once you get into project , you will see seniors are not helping you as they fear you might end up taking their work and manager is forcing you to learn something and he won’t tell what thing.

    You cannot expect something in appraisal and you lose to their words and it makes no sense to fight. Forget this part here, there is just too much politics involved than the whole country.

    And that’s your two years in the company.

    Coming back to support project, TCS is a service based company and if you are not expecting support projects in a services based company, there is no excuse. No matter what your friends say, relatives say, seniors say don’t have a feeling from the start. Yes there are development opportunities and the talent there is full already, you think they are waiting for a new young dynamic developer from a pool of 375000? Not really. More than 80% of the projects are service based with minor development opportunities.

    Let’s say after all this you did end up in TCS, don’t you ever regret that, it’s about how you build on that choice.

    Take up any work, support, testing, admin and if you get development good enough. Try to excel at what you are doing. Don’t cry on development, if you are that passionate, there is a world of Android open source out there and one thing you will definitely get in TCS is time. When you start doing the work assigned to you the way it should be done, it will help you in long run. It’s never too late for anything.

    I have heard one thing over and over in the United States, “lot of Indian people look not interested in what they are doing” . That’s unfortunately true. Look around and you will find live examples.

    People in support and testing want development.

    People in development want on-site

    People on-site wants hike. There will be wanting everywhere and you will end up forgetting what you have.

    Bottom line is, if you join TCS as a fresher, it’s not the end of the world. Stay away from negative people and scary advisers, you will find a way.

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