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  • Health is Life!

    It’s everything about Health and Physical Education

    B.Sc Biomedical Science from KAATSU International University(Expected 2022)

    This space is for those who have an interest in: Physical & & Mental Health Healthy Living Healthy Dieting Healthy Consuming Medication and Healthcare Fitness Healthy Exercise You can add concerns, Links, answers and posts connected to above pointed out topics. Here are

    I had a psychological breakdown. I do not have this problem now after taking medicine. While talking, random thoughts emerge in my mind. So I can’t say it right now. How do I overcome this discouraging issue?

    Do meditation, read the book you like, do that thing which thriving you, and most importantly love yourself as you are trying to, compose an everyday journal or journal whatever you believe positive or unfavorable simply write it down and daily check out it, and after that prior to going to sleep checked out that journal and ana

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    God is the Provider of Life.

    Fit As You Can Get!

    How do I stay healthy as I age?

    As I approached 60 yo, I weighed 150 #. I might no longer slim down and disliked myself. I strolled into a regional health club and requested help. I started raising weights with the owner (why was it so much harder than when I was 40?), then started doing team exercises, 3 day boot camps, 6 week boot camps, and included

    How do I return to typical? This insomnia and other symptoms are so disastrous. I have actually tried all the sleep hygiene and everything.

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    Why is one of my nipples more inflamed than the other as a 21- year-old male?

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    Why hasn’t probiotics been entirely looked into so that the public can know if it works or not?

    There’s been a lot of passionate research study, however you likewise need to understand how science works. We never prove anything in science. We develop hypotheses, test them, and if they withstand our most rigorous tests, we provisionally accept them as real. When probiotics have been tested, they have been found to

    God is the Giver of Life.

    It’s Legit To Stay Fit!

    Can individuals stay fit through aging?

    A good friend, in his 30’s, was healthy and fit. Competed in bike racing. Won medals. Lean, strong, athletic. He struck50 What the hell? Couldn’t keep up with the young guns. Lost interest. Today, in his 70’s, he clings precariously to some level of health. In the U.S. we are the most informed about h

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    What is the blood’s liquid part called?

    The liquid part of blood is known as plasma, which is made of water, salts and protein. (source: MedicinePlus)

    Is this an excellent way of making a protein shake in your home without protein powder?

    Take a glass full of milk, with peanut and a banana make a shakeout of it without sugarcoating and consume it and certainly you can replace it with your routine health drink for a modification. Yes you have to be sure that you do not have an allergic response to these reference things.

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    How can I have a healthy lifestyles?

    Being “healthy” is based on numerous things consisting of: your genetics, diet, exercise regimen and lifestyle options. Given that you can not control your genes, making modifications to items you have control over can help lead to a much healthier way of life. Concentrate on making little modifications to your diet plan, workout and other li

    How can I have a healthy way of lives?

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    Does secondhand smoking still count as actual smoking cigarettes since you’re breathing it?

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    • Hippocrates of Kos was a Greek doctor who lived from about 460 B.C. to 375 B.C.

    • At a time when the majority of people attributed illness to superstition and the rage of the gods, Hippocrates taught that all kinds of health problem had a natural cause.
    • He developed the very first intellectual school devoted to teaching the practice of medication.
    • For this, he is commonly called the “ father of medication.
    • Though considered the paragon of contemporary medicine, it’s challenging to separate the truths from the legend and properly assess his medical acumen.
    • A collection of writings attributed to Hippocrates presents a rudimentary understanding of how the body works and the nature of illness.
    • An enduring tradition is the Hippocratic oath, originated from his ethical practices and requirements, that acts as a moral guide for physicians today.

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