Fantastic surfaces and a small * boilk *

Fantastic surfaces and a small * boilk *

Early Morning all. Welcome to a brand name brand-new week.

Thank you all for the charming messages the other day, it made me quite emotional. Much so I had to go and consume Mexican food and drink some frozen margaritas, so it’s safe to say we are starting year 21 of Arseblog with a fun-sized boilk *

I guess that’s the method it must be. I will do my finest to respond to all the e-mails I have actually gotten too, and a big, collective ‘cheers’ to everyone for their social media greetings etc!

As I was out, I didn’t get to see the Carabao Cup final, however I enjoyed the penalties today ( it’s here if you fancy). There’s constantly something great about a shoot-out going on for so long that the keepers are included, and after that for one of the keepers to miss the crucial area kick is icing on that particular cake.

However, there’s a cherry on top of the icing on the cake due to the fact that the keeper who missed to lose the cup final was the keeper who was brought on specifically for the penalty shoot-out who then let 11 charges in before he clattered the ball over the bar like he was Thomas Partey or something. Unbelievable.

I make certain it was all preordained but what must Edouard Mendy think this morning? It’s not that I care, don’t get me incorrect, however he needs to have a pain in his arse as he looks at his loser’s medal over breakfast. He’s most likely thinking ‘I ‘d have stopped a minimum of among those’ and if I was the number 1 goalkeeper at a club, hauled off in a cup final to enjoy my replacement leap out of the way of the ball on 11 consecutive celebrations I ‘d likely be a bit pissed off.

I expect he’s professional enough to handle it, however as non-Chelsea fans the very best we can hope for is that this sows the seeds of a blight of disgruntlement that spreads through the entire team up until there is nothing left however torment and despair and the higher-ups choose the only man who can fix it is Jose Mourinho. Fingers crossed, eh?

Mentioning amazing finishes, what about Katie McCabe for Arsenal versus Liverpool in the FA Cup yesterday?

She only scores bangers, even in the #WomensFACup! @Katie_McCabe11 @ArsenalWFC

— Vitality Women’s FA Cup (@VitalityWFACup) February 27, 2022

She spoke with Tim Stillman after the video game and stated:

” It was terrific to get on completion of it, it’s certainly one of the very best I’ve scored. The ball just hung and it was asking to be hit and I was pleased to get such an excellent connection on it.”

I enjoyed Tim’s description of her left foot that is both a ‘jackhammer and paintbrush’.

As for the males, it’s generally another week up until we play again, so news is likely to be thin on the ground over the coming days, I envision.

To be reasonable to Cedric, he has actually done well in the last few video games, and maybe you ‘d argue that Watford is the type of fixture you would not have a lot of fret about in basic. However, when it concerns some of the video games we have coming up, it ‘d be excellent to have Tomiyasu back. When you’re going to deal with big teams like Liverpool, Male Utd and Chelsea, you desire your greatest side out there and I just like the balance he provides us on that right-hand side. I ‘d likewise like him for games against the non-big sides, like Sp rs, just for the record.

We might take a better look at the component list throughout the week. It is going to get more busy, there are 2 video games (Chelsea and Sp rs) still waiting for a date, plus a global break in March, so there will not be a lot more occasions where we have these pause in between games. It will be intriguing to see how we cope and if we can enter a great rhythm.

Right, I will leave it there for today. I would pay excellent money for someone to provide me a bacon sandwich right now, not least because I don’t have any bread or bacon in your house at all.

As ever, James and I will be taping the Arsecast Bonus in the future today so keep an eye out for the call for questions on Twitter @gunnerblog and @arseblog on Twitter with the hashtag #arsecastextra— or if you’re on Arseblog Member on Patreon, leave your concern in the #arsecast- extra-questions channel on our Discord server.

Pod must be out by lunchtime. Until then, take it easy.

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