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  • To find a debunk, look at the List of articles in my Debunking Doomsday blog to date and search that page for a key word in the titles, or Search blog to search the contents of blog posts. You can also follow me on Twitter and on YouTube.

    Want a story debunked? Post to our Facebook group Doomsday Debunked where there are many other debunkers now too, that can help fact-check the stories that scare you – or DM my profile (then More >> messages).

    Also do join our group if you can help with fact checking. Please look over the group rules before posting or commenting as they help the group to run smoothly

    You are welcome to copy / paste this material for your own use for debunking Doomsday stories on news sites or on youtube. All the posts in t his blog are released under CC by SC NA – so non commercial share alike attribution. I’ve done it like that so that I can use them for my kindle book. So you can modify them and use them as you please, but not commercially and have to attribute me.

    However, if you are just answering a comment on a news site or a youtube video, don’t feel you have to attribute me in a situation like that :). Just copy and paste as much of the material as you need for your response. It’s more like, e.g. if you copy one of these posts into a blog, then you need to attribute me as the author and link back.

    For questions, you can also post to Stories to Debunk but I monitor that less often and it hasn’t worked too well in the past. It’s best to message me – or post there and message me as well.

    I add this section (or similar) to the end of all recent posts:


    If you are scared: Seven tips for dealing with doomsday fears which also talks about health professionals and how they can help.

    If in the middle of a panic attack, see


    More debunks: List of articles in my Debunking Doomsday blog to date

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    Search the debunks using e.g. Nibiru – Google Search

    Doomsday Debunked wiki: Doomsday debunked

    Twitter feed: DoomsdayDebunked (@DoomsdayDebunks) | Twitter

    I’ve done a custom search engine to search top mainstream reputable news sites using the Google custom search engines.

    Sadly it’s not as good as the regular Google search but it can help to find reputable material when fake news fills Google News (e.g. for asteroids). Various versions, see:

    Search Top News


    Facebook group Doomsday Debunked has been set up to help anyone who is scared by these fake doomsdays.


    Do message me on Quora or PM me on Facebook if you need help.

    There are many others in the group who are available to support scared people via PM and who can also debunk fake Doomsday “news” for you if you get scared of a story and are not sure if it is true. See our debunkers list

    If you are suicidal don’t forget there’s always help a phone call away with the List of suicide crisis lines – Wikipedia


    I am a software developer and sell mainly music software over the internet. I have two separate undergraduate degrees, a first class in maths and a 2.1 in philosophy and an M.Hum for the two combined. I studied for postgraduate maths at Oxford University which is where I learnt to do academic sourcing – though I didn’t get the degree. My supervisor suggested I get some papers published and then submit them for a DSc instead of a DPhil but I haven’t done that yet.

    I have followed astronomy and science discoveries keenly since the 1960s, which often helps with background for the fact checks.

    I do those blog posts as responsible fact checking science journalism – I see myself as a fact checker and science blogger, not as a researcher in these topics.

    They summarize the sources that I share.

    I used to have to keep copy / pasting the same answers to all the scared people, and now I do them as blog posts, so I can share them as links and that is how that blog began.

    I also sometimes share them to Science 2.0 where I am one of their science bloggers (voluntary not paid work, they pay by ads, but I have all the ads switched off that I can from my blog posts there).

    For more details see About me

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