Can you use any controller for any cracked/torrented video game on a PC?

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    Ok, everyone else has talked about torrenting games, so I’ll simply get straight to the response. There are 3 methods to get a controller to deal with a game( legitimate/cracked) that I know of:

    1. For PS3 controllers you are gon na need the charging cable and an application called SCPToolkit, just plug your controller in, run the programs updates and installer and it ought to be working fine.

    2. Xbox controllers generally just need to be plugged in without any 3rd party software so easy cruising there.

    3. And the 3rd way is just purchasing a gamepad (I advise Logitech’s f310 wired gamepad) and simply plugging it in to your computer system.

    I do not know if you can utilize any controller for games, however these three are the ones that I know you can.

    As others have actually stated, just purchase the video game. Putting that out there.

    On the subject of controllers, technically any games can be had fun with a controller.

    BUT … Not every video game has built in assistance for controllers.

    If the game doesn’t have integrated support for controllers; then, you’ll take a look at an external things supplying support. Which might be as support as mapping controller buttons to keyboard buttons, etc

    The gameplay might also not work well with controllers. The video game was created for keyboard and mouse so particular functionality might work well with keyboard and mouse; however, work terribly with controllers.

    Now if we are talking like XBox vs PS4 vs PS2 vs Gamecube. It’s the exact same thing as controller vs keyboard mouse. Technically the video game can be had fun with any controller; but, if the game does not supply built-in support; then, you are depending on external programs to make it happen.

    Likewise various control designs might hurt your experience on the video game. In some cases, it could be perhaps that the issue is video game breaking. Maybe you literally don’t have adequate buttons (uncertain if there is any case that can happen).

    If you ask me, simply utilize built-in support. If there is no built-in assistance for a controller; then, tough luck.

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    You shouldn’t torrent a game and it has its constraints.

    Steam Controller will not work since they are bound to steam. This is since Steam Controller require steam to be running with the video game.

    Xbox 360/ One Controller need a USB connection to the PC or a wireless one (Establishing a Wireless connection is pretty difficult though).

    PS4 Controller ought to work without any setup, though previous controllers will not work without some work.

    There are likewise so called “PC Controller”, they always appear to work.

    Games, even torrented ones, will work no matter the situation. But first this is illegal and has an extremely high opportunity of getting an infection along the way. Some torrented video games are changed and may not work with Controller. On Steam there is a Controller Support for games that don’t support Controller, so much better purchase it.

    Question Can you use any controller for any split/ torrented video game on a PC?

    One, I can’t think I’m addressing this.

    2, purchase the game, don’t be “ that person.”

    Now for the answer. In theory yes, Any Xbox 360/ One controller with USB ought to deal with PC, any Xbox 360/ One controller will deal with PC so long as you have the required wireless receiver for it (or its constructed into your PC)

    As far as PS controllers, I believe only PS4 controllers will work natively with PC.

    Steam controllers/ USB computer system controllers in general are undoubtedly going to work.

    I have actually seen people mod NES controllers and such to be USB, however do this at your own threat.

    Now, will they deal with split and torrented video games? In theory it should, considering that you’re using a real “copy” of the game, it must recognize all peripherals as if you had really purchased it.

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    So long as it’s XINPUT or you have drivers for it, sure. Simply make sure to bind the controls correctly. And erase your cracks. Purchase. Piracy is illegal. If you desire a game so bad that you want to risk the security of your maker, and can manage to repair it ought to it break, you can manage to buy.

    Generally those games will have the controller setups with it, but you might need to try to find mods or another variation if your controller isn’t working (after going through other diagnoses of course). If using an emulator, the emulator typically manages the contoller compatibility, if a pc video game does not have controller assistance, there are ways to configure your controller to keys and in some cases even mouse clicks. Buy the freaking game. Computer game are the biggest entertainment industry worldwide and lots of business are scraping by (just think of Telltale Games). Assistance these individuals when you can

    No you can’t since the compatibility of the video game with a controller does not change even when it is cracked or torrent game

    Yes, however it sometimes depends on whether the game really supported controllers from the start.

    If you can utilize it for the licensed copy, you can utilize it for the broken copy. Generally, the only constraint to cracked video games is you can’t play multilayer with them.

    Some copyright troll business might send a nasty letter to your ISP if you did not use a proxy or they are monitoring the gush to when you downloaded the video game. This is generally for hot, current games. Older video games, you are generally fine unless you are running a website hosting it.

    A call, listening to a lecture about securing your router, and a promise not to pirate is generally all that takes place, if anything. Though, with some ISP’s current court losses, there is a possibility to have internet cut off if you get captured a lot.

    Other than that, once it’s on your system there’s actually nothing they can do.

    Naturally, you won’t have the ability to get any bug fixes or spots unless those are pirated also. You will not generally be able to utilize any multiplayer part of the video game if it utilizes the video game company’s servers.

    I would not worry.

    Plus, if you like it, you may just buy the game and get the patches! Assistance the devs!

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