Can CBD oil remove warts?

  • Can CBD oil remove warts?

    Warts are technically small tumors of the skin usually caused by a virus. There are many studies and anecdotal evidence that cannabinoids have strong anti-tumor effects as tumor cells do possess cannabinoid receptors on their cell membrane which when activated, force the cells into apoptosis, a process also known as cell suicide.

    The most famous account of this is Rick Simpson, the Canadian engineer who developed diffuse basal cell carcinomas on his arms, a skin cancer, after years of exposure to carcinogenic chemicals in his career. His doctor refused to consider cannabis as a treatment option, so Rick made his own cannabis oil, and applied bandages soaked in it to his arms and days later, all of the tumors completely disappeared. RSO-Rick Simpson Oil was later coined as a term.

    I’ve had 2 clients myself who’ve reported they’ve used it on their dogs skin tumors with great success.

    I can’t promise you that CBD can remove warts, but it most likely will at least improve the condition or better as it does with most skin lesions that involve tissue overgrowth.

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    I am not a professional or very educated on this matter, but I do have a recent experience to share. I work in the oil industry, and recently was given a bottle of olive oil infused with CBD. Instead of using it for food, I used about a tablespoon each evening in my bath. I infused this oil with various types of essential oils – usually eucalyptus and some citrus oils like orange and lemon. Sometimes lavender. I don’t know if it was the essential oils or the CBD in the olive oil, but I had an irritating wart on the side of one of my fingers, and after a month or so of these baths, it completely disappeared! So I’m very interested to see where this research leads.

    And just an FYI for everyone, I read the recent statement by the FDA on preliminary warnings for CBD use, including potential liver damage from higher doses or prolonged use. I also learned from a colleague that the skin is perhaps the largest and most sensitive receptor for CBD. I think we all need to proceed with caution until we know more, and be mindful of our intake.

    You should definitely discuss usage of CBD products with your doctor.

    Fundamentally, it is known that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and can inhibit immune responses on the skin, in which most skin lesions are routed in inflammation response.

    That being said, there is no guarantee that CBD oil will remove the warts, but I believe it is certainly worth a shot. You may try the topical CBD products like salves and butters/creams to apply directly to the area of discomfort.

    One key aspect you should keep in mind that if this is your first time trying CBD, I highly recommend you look into the company that you are about to buy from.

    It won’t be very cheap, but you need to ensure that the product you’re buying is organic, produced under pharmaceutical standards, has positive user feedback and most importantly provides certificates of analysis (lab reports) to show that their products live up to what they advertise them to be.

    Hope this helps.

    No. Warts are caused by a virus, which would be unaffected by CBD or its carriers.

    They can be persistent to get rid of as we get older, wherein children recover completely, some older people will have them reoccurring. There are different types of warts, some of which you need to see a doctor to have removed effectively and safely, but others are the types of warts you can remove safely yourself.

    My reference lists seven methods known to remove them, which might make for further reading for you.[1]


    Warts can be annoying, and most times could be so ugly. They seem not to disappear fast enough, but once it has been handled and treated well, it can vanish very fast.

    Warts, also known as moles, verrucas, lumpy skin patches and blemishes, are growths that show up on the skin when the skin’s topmost layer is infected with the human papillomavirus, generally called H.P.V.

    In marijuana, the key phycho-active component is tetrahydrocannabinol (HTC). It is responsible for its inebriating effects. However, unlike THC, CBD has no psychoactive components and it is generally used because of its many health benefits.

    Can CBD oil remove warts?

    Of course not.

    Why on earth should it?

    Warts recover naturally in time.

    Of course there are many CBD enthusiasts for whom CBD is the answer to all ills. The first thing they need to do is to ensure that CBD is prepared to agreed standards of purity and dosing. Currently it’s anybody’s guess what you get when you purchase “CBD”. Then, clinical trials must be performed. Anecdotes of benefit are of zero value in establishing efficacy, particularly in a condition that is inevitably self limiting.

    In simple words, CBD oil is the concentrated liquid extract from the marijuana plant or cannabis sativa.

    CBD oil has been used to treat a really wide range of medical conditions for a while now. CBD oil has been successfully used to treat skin conditions as well.

    CBD component are able to control proliferation and differentiation in cells, meaning that they could be used to treat warts and a few more skin conditions.


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    Warts are caused by HPV (Human papillomavirus). There are about a hundred different forms of HPV. Some cause oral cancer.

    There is evidence that CBD can kill various kinds of cancer, including melanoma and colorectal cancer.

    I have not found any scientific evidence about using CBD for any type of HPV. That just means that it hasn’t been studied yet, or that I haven’t seen it yet.

    So, we really don’t know.

    There’s no evidence that CBD will remove warts. Neither is there evidence that CBD will soften or otherwise ameliorate a wart. The oil, however, might soften the wart, but that’s an expensive way to go. Vaseline should do the same thing.

    This is not something that has been proven. However, CBD oil is known to reduce inflammation and promote healing. That being said, it likely will not completely eliminate a wart but you can certainly try it out without doing any harm!

    No. CBD won’t remove warts. There are plenty of actual wart removal nostrums available. Don’t waste your CBD.

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