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    Living With & Studying Borderline Personality · Tue ·

    Boasting about their mental illness? Why on earth would anyone want to do that? It’s certainly not something I advertise! My friends know that I suffer from major depression and one knows about my BPD. I don’t think any family members besides my mother know about the BPD. I’m careful about whom I tell…

    Have bipolar, depression, dysthymia · Thu ·

    That’s because we are “normal” except for our moods of mania swinging like a pendulum to depression and back. So it’s those extremes that separates us and those extremes aren’t easily noticed. Depression- while in Depression we are elusive, alone a some are debilitated. So you don’t see us then Manic-…

    Director of Public Education at PsychRights (2010–present) · 4h ·

    No, it is most certainly not true. And if I were you, I would consider that if you are taking drugs which list psychosis as a side effect, maybe the drug is the problem. Peter Breggin MD wrote a great book by that name; “Your Drug May Be Your Problem”. Since Bipolar Disorder has never been proven to…

    Lived in Living in Santa Ana, California (1944–2021) · 13h ·

    You mean like, “ I’m crazy, and I have the papers to prove it?” No, only when necessary. SUPPORT MENTAL HEALTH or I’ll kill you

    Former Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner · 18h ·

    It is not at all unusual for people diagnosed with bipolar disorder to have been displaying symptoms for 10 years before diagnosis, so being diagnosed in one’s 30’s or even 40’s is common.

    Retired college professor; music therapist; therapy client · Wed ·

    In the days when there wasn’t “mental health parity,” there used to be NINE specifically “serious mental illnesses” that had to be covered the same as any other illness by insurance. The five I can remember are: 1. Schizophrenia 2. Major depressive disorder 3. Schizoaffective disorder 4. Anorexia/Bulimia 5. Bipolar Aff…

    Just trying to understand myself. · Tue ·

    Generally, no. I’ve never known anyone to do that. Mental illness generally isn’t something to brag about. It can cause people to treat you differently or avoid you entirely if they know you have a mental illness. Generally, people want to be able to function as best they can, in spite of having a men…

    Former Teacher at GGUSD (1988–2011) · Fri ·

    I think it is any mental illness that can harm you or others.

    Bi Polar II, BPD, Mother of 4, Orphaned Survivor of Abuse · Fri ·

    Yes, I had to hospitalized my oldest son a few times when he was depressed and suicidal. They evaluated him for anywhere between a few days to 2 weeks, made sure he had medicine that worked for him and a supporting therapist/clinician when he was released. If his symptoms were too severe to be treat…

    Retired college professor; music therapist; therapy client · Fri ·

    Hospitalization is needed if you are a danger to yourself. Otherwise, you might be able to get help with outpatient therapy. If you are hospitalized, the first thing that will probably happen is that you will be evaluated for suicide risk and put on anti-depressant medication. Yes, it’s okay if that…

    Former Former Professor & Head of Dept of Psychiatry · Fri ·

    Do not entertain negative thoughts; go with positive expectations. ..

    Retired college professor; music therapist; therapy client · Thu ·

    It could mean that, or it could mean that you meet some of the criteria for a mood disorder, but not enough to qualify as a specific diagnosis. Mood disorders are bipolar, major depression, cyclothymia—things like that. Every category in DSM has an NOS designation which means “not otherwise specifie…

    Survivor of Bipolar 2, Inattentive ADHD, and PTSD (1974–present) · Thu ·

    Good break down.

    Laurel Bantam


    What are bipolar disorder types 1 and 2?

    I think some will argue that type I is more severe than type II, so right off the bat, I just want to say that that’s not a very accurate summation of the illness. Both types have symptoms that manifest with varying severity that depend on the individual and the kind of treatment they’re getting. Qu…

    Survivor of Bipolar 2, Inattentive ADHD, and PTSD (1974–present) · Thu ·

    Aging with Bipolar

    David Galipeau


    How many people over 50 that are affected by bipolar 1 disorder can describe how aging has lessened/worsened their illness?

    My mom is 65. She has suffered from bipolar for more than 30 years. Her illness didn’t get worse. The last time she went to the hospital was over 10 years ago. On my part, it was like 15–16 months back. I have gained insights into how to manage myself. Before I was adamant about pursuing my dream of…

    Survivor of Bipolar 2, Inattentive ADHD, and PTSD (1974–present) · Thu ·

    I’m in a relationship with someone with BPD, and as a bipolar person I feel it’s taking a toll on me, but I do love them. What do I do?

    I live with my son and daughter in law. Both of them have other mental health issues of their own. We all have different mood swings that feed off of each other. She is Bi Polar so I get depressed or manic with her and vice certain, my son is schizo effective Disorder, ADHD, Oppositional Defiance Di…

    Permanently Disabled (2019–present) · Tue ·

    Most mentally ill people do everything they can to hide their condition. Once you tell anyone that you have a mental health problem you’re instantly a liability. Many employers don’t want to hire you,.They can’t legally discriminate, but they can overlook you for a better candidate who isn’t mentall…

    Bi Polar II, BPD, Mother of 4, Orphaned Survivor of Abuse · Wed ·

    The only way to get her into an inpatient facility is to first get her diagnosed. If she is in danger of hurting herself or someone else you can take her to any hospital. They will put her on a psychiatric hold for 72 hours and have her assessed. From there she will receive a treatment plan, medicat…

    , Accepting Your Emotions

    , Survivor of Bipolar 2, Inattentive ADHD, and PTSD (1974-present)

    , MSN Psychiatry & Nursing, University of Arizona (2011)

    , works at Jobs and Careers in Government (2019-present)

    , Retired college professor; music therapist; therapy client

    , Teacher & lifelong learner. Been thru/learned lots

    , self-diagnosed OCPD, ASPD, NPD

    , Just trying to understand myself.


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