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    Immunology Scientists · Jan 14 ·

    Turmeric is anti inflammatory and it will work in the moment to bring down inflammation. It works like a medicine (without negative side effects) and brings down inflammation temporarily. If someone had joint pain, they can add 1/2 teaspoons of turmeric powder twice per day with a pinch of black peppe…

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    Former Founding Director, Past President at Kern Hepatitis Association (1996–2001) · Jan 7 ·

    As one with constant autoimmune disease issues, including Crohn’s (colon), I have many skin issues. Your hair and nails are the last things nourished by the foods you eat. Is your hair dry or are your nails either thin or brittle? Though they are dead as they leave your skin surface, they are forming…

    Studied at Charities · Jan 6 ·

    based on being a spouse of a retired military physician, and from my time working with the military administering anesthesia, I would say probably not. They may have changed protocols, but they generally are not interested in training people who joined with what can be a debilitating disease. now if…

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    Lives in Illinois, USA (1976–present) · Jan 2 ·

    If you have an Autozone store or a Walmart in your area…they have hot packs called hot hands. I used to put these in my shoes just to stay warm when I used to work in a cold storage facility. They work. Otherwise, long John’s underclothes work great too! Grab a pair of 3M insulate gloves as well.…

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    Phlebotomy Technician at Kaleida Health (2018–present) · Dec 29 ·

    Most autoimmune diseases cause inflammation and turmeric is a known anti-inflammatory agent. Turmeric does need to be taken mixed with black pepper to get the full potential of curcumin, the anti-inflammatory component in turmeric. Turmeric on its own is not usually enough to control an autoimmune di…

    Working mum. British . Born in Barcelona. · Dec 27 ·

    😂 when you take it hungover …

    BA in National Security & Intelligence & Political Science, Fairmont State University (Graduated 2018) · Dec 27 ·

    Yes, but you will likely need other medication as well. You should definitely talk to your doctor or rheumatologist about this. It can also interfere sometimes with medication so you really want to make sure that you talk to a doctor. I’m 50-50 on whether a nutritionist works, but you might try that…

    Studied Genetics and Heredity & Immunology at Harvard Medical School · Dec 26 ·

    “In about 10 percent of cases, a genetic cause for CVID is known. Mutations in at least 13 genes have been associated with CVID. The most frequent mutations occur in the TNFRSF13B gene. The protein produced from this gene plays a role in the survival and maturation of B cells and in the production o…

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    It helps me a little, I have rheumatoid arthritis and lupus.

    Patient Advocate at ChronicCARES (2018–present) · Dec 23 ·

    Turmeric has natural anti inflammatory properties, and personally has been useful to me. Make sure to get a high quality supplement without fillers, if you go that route. You can also purchase the root and put it in smoothies or your food. I actually buy turmeric root and ginger root and use it in m…

    Former BS , BSN, Creighton University, ANC (1980–1981) · Dec 23 ·

    I think you’d be better served by staying in bed under the warm covers than going to the ER only to spend an indeterminate length of time while the ER triages your case and you are bumped down to the near bottom of people to be seen. 9 hours later. That said, if your flare or anything is affecting yo…

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    Current Worker Bee at State Government (general) · Dec 23 ·

    Thirty years ago I had bursitis in my shoulders so bad I had great difficulty getting dressed each morning. I’d put on one sleeve and lean against doorjamb and used a wire hangar to manipulate the sleeve for my second arm. In the library, I read a book that said aspartame could cause bursitis. I was…

    Former Business Executive, now retired · Dec 23 ·

    I’ll add another vote for physical therapy. It doesn’t give immediate relief, and you have to commit to regularly doing your home exercises, but with some effort you can reduce the severity and frequency of bursitis flare ups. Like most everyone with an AI disease I’m very tired of steroids, both ora…

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    , I had dermatomyositis and lupus

    , Animal rescuer (1972-present)

    , Professor Emeritus of theology retires due to disability.

    , former Radiology Technologist at Skyline Medical Center

    , Oregonian, Sewist, and Knitter

    , Biological and Behavioral Scientist (PhD)

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