7 Ways to Make Takeout More Environmentally Friendly

7 Ways to Make Takeout More Environmentally Friendly

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Flat lay view of delicious takeaway meals on dinner table - with pasta, vegetable salad and seafood risotto.

Eating more takeout recently? Me too. I’m attempting to support my regional restaurants as much as I can while social distancing, and takeout is a delicious, hassle-free, and effective way to do that. Not to mention the much-needed break from cooking! My ecological guilt absolutely creeps in every time I choose up the plastic bag full of Styrofoam, salad-dressing containers, additional napkins, and plastic forks. While costs so much time in your home, I have actually tried to live as sustainably as possible– I even switched to Huppy tooth paste tabletsand a bamboo toothbrush– but takeout is one area I have problem with. I want to support restaurants and love going out to eat, so takeout is among the couple of ways I can reproduce that sensation. The waste that takeout procures can be pretty considerable, and weighing that waste against the dullness of another night cooking over the range can feel difficult. And unlike a cafe, you can’t exactly appear at the dining establishment with your own Tupperware in tow.

Luckily, you don’t need to trade enjoying takeout for low-waste living. Here are 7 ways you can make your takeout a little more environment-friendly and support your regional dining establishments, too.

1. Wash and reuse plastic containers.

Recently, I’ve seen that more and more of my takeout has gotten here in plastic containers with a solid seal, rather than cardboard or Styrofoam. Wash them well with soap and water, or run them through the dishwashing machine (the takeout odor may stick around at first, however I guarantee it will fade).

2. Notify the restaurant if you don’t need napkins or silverware.

While I occasionally pick up food on my way to an outdoor picnic, many of my takeout gets eaten at house, where I have plenty of napkins and flatware. These seem like little expenses, however they add up for dining establishments and for the world. If you’re buying online, most takeout forms have a section where you can add a note about your silverware requires, or lack thereof.

3. Customize your order to omit anything you wouldn’t eat.

This resembles second, but more in the vein of food. Most online buying kinds enable you to tailor your meal to either add or deduct components. Rather than simply adding to haul, take a look and ask yourself if there’s anything you will not consume. If those candied walnuts or blue-cheese crumbles are simply going to wind up in the trash can, remove them from your meal. This might seem like a little action, but it assists prevent food waste and keeps costs down for the dining establishment, too.

4. Bring your own bag to carry products out in.

This one isn’t constantly simple, as takeout is often either provided or ready for you to grab when you stroll into the restaurant. If I’m selecting up something like multiple burrito bowls at Chipotle, I deal with that trip like the grocery store and bring my own bag

5. Recycle the bags the food was available in.

For those times when you can’t bring your own bag, there are plenty of great methods to recycle and upcycle both paper and plastic bags. From a recycling caddy to the abovementioned baked-goods drop-off to doggy task to these upcycling DIY tasks, there are plenty of ways to keep your bags from ending up in the garbage. If there’s an invoice stapled to it, carefully remove it so you do not harm the integrity of the bag.

6. Reuse aluminum foil.

Did you understand you can recycle aluminum foil? As someone who’s been purchasing a lot of takeout burritos lately, I was delighted to learn this fact! You can even run it through the dishwashing machine

7. Dispose of everything effectively.

This one goes without stating. If containers are compostable rather than disposable, compost them. If a disposable container features a plastic cover, recycle it. I’m well-known among my roomies for fishing plastic– those small salad-dressing containers are a primary offender– out of the trash, cleaning it out, and returning it to the recycling bin. And obviously, either finish, refrigerate, or compost any food you’re not going to consume.

Being sustainably minded with your takeout options doesn’t just help the Earth, it helps dining establishments, too.

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