21 Family Pet Products From Amazon That Your Feathery Friend Will Love

21 Family Pet Products From Amazon That Your Feathery Friend Will Love

Upgraded on Sep 19,2020 Published on Sep 19, 2020

Whatever from mini skateboards (yes, you heard that right) to hemp oil that can do all of it.

We hope you like the items we suggest! All of them were separately picked by our editors. So you know, BuzzFeed gathers a share of sales and/or other settlement from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI– rates are precise and products in stock as of time of publication.


A colorful, dangling chew toy made of natural rope and wood to keep your parrot aesthetically, physically, and psychologically stimulated every day.



Get it from Amazon for $1399 or Subscribe & Save for $1329/ month


A mix wooden perch and mirror which can entertain your finch (or supply a sensation of short-lived companionship if their mate is gone).

Amazon/ Via amazon.com

Appealing review: “Amazing!– Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $ 7.99


A bundle of stimulating toys— namely, a tiny skateboard, bb converse shoes, and vibrant hoops– to keep your parakeet newly engaged every day. (But likewise, small skateboard! Hi, future TikTok star coming thru ~.)


Promising review: “These bird toys are great for my conure. The athletic shoe are truly sturdy. Would benefit an even larger bird.”– Rebecca Deakin

Get it from Amazon for $ 9.99


A sleekly-designed playstand that you can easily customize with their preferred feeders and toys (and store extra food or materials below). Plus, it’s mobile if you want to provide your bird a small change of landscapes from time to time.


Appealing evaluation: “This is an awesome enhance to my macaw’s cage.– Amazon Consumer

Get it from Amazon for $14399 (available in larger packs).


A tiny, impossibly charming basketball hoop and ball set to mentally intrigue your parakeet and teach them a brand-new, NBA-approved trick.


Promising evaluation: “Really adorable item. I have a green cheek conure who likes to toss the balls around and climb up the hoop! Extremely recommend for little to medium-sized birds.”– Sydney

Get it from Amazon for $1195(offered in different designs).


A soothing, natural hemp oil supplement that not only calms your parrot, however likewise has extra vitamins said to improve their plume, skin, and overall health.

Amazon, amazon.com

Get it from Amazon for $1796 or Subscribe & Save for $1706/ month


A transparent, aerated provider so you can quickly carry your featherbaby without upsetting them at all (or having to lug around a heavy cage). The open sunroof also gives them a perfect view of the outside world.


Promising review: “I like it.– Pekkle __ duck

Get it from Amazon for $3696 (readily available in different sizes).


A tough, bright-colored sand-and-wood perch that naturally assists submit your bird’s beak and nails. You can easily install it in any metal cage thanks to its built-in bolts.


Promising review: “We just got our brand-new cockatiel, Vinny! He enjoys his various length sets down and we enjoy that it is already keeping his nails trimmed. These are high quality perches … v ery strong and simply the correct amount of grit needed. His favorite is the red. Terrific product for a terrific rate!!! I highly recommend these perches !!!”– Kerrie Martinez

Get it from Amazon for $1299 (available in different sizes).


A geometric, jingling rubber toy you can pack with your bird’s fave treats or food. They’ll peck and kick it for hours, or do some foraging of their own.

amazon.com, Amazon.

Promising evaluation: “This is the neatest toy, my bird loved it and I was able to stuff it with treats. It is very tough and long lasting.”– Lisa:-RRB-

Get it from Amazon for $ 6.74 (available in larger packs).


A vibrant, portable fitness center with rainbow toys, feeder cups, and a mess-preventing bottom tray to give your small-to-medium-sized bird whatever they need in one spot. Assembly is required, however is fairly easy and assures the stand is durable enough for your bb.


Appealing evaluation: “I actually like it! My cockatiel only walks on the tray and the plank with the food and water bowl but it’s a fantastic quality perch and he’s still getting utilized to it. It’s quite simple, I simply utilized the image of the completed item as reference. Overall, a good buy.”– becca geno

Get it from Amazon for $4695 (readily available in various sizes).


A long lasting, multi-color spiral “bungee” rope your cockatoo can climb and play on throughout the day. There’s likewise a little bell at the end for them to push and grab.


L. Zinn

Get it from Amazon for $1399 (offered in various sizes).


A little metal rod you can use to skewer fresh fruits and vegetables in your bird’s cage– guaranteed to be their favorite new treat.

Amazon, amazon.com

Promising evaluation: “Perfect for my baby sun conure. He’s still getting used to eating larger portions of fresh fruit and veggies. With this he does not have to worry about dropping it! He likes it … blueberries and cherries are his favorite!”– Amazon Client

Get it from Amazon for $ 8.95 (available in different sizes).

Amazon, amazon.com

Appealing review: “I have my English Budgie to compare the size.– Nora

Get it from Amazon for $1179


A big bag of vitamin-rich parrot food(particularly seeds, nuts, kernels, and dry pellets) to help promote much healthier skin and plumage.


Promising review: “I have a mid-sized parrot (a Lesser Jardines), and, like a lot of parrot-owners, I supplement her diet plan with a choice of soft and (ideally) healthy foods, however supply a seed mixture and treats too that she can access throughout the day. I have actually experimented in the early years with different blends, and the proportions of the nuts and seeds in this mix are perfect for her. Lighter on sunflower seeds than other blends, this mix is yummy and varied enough to keep her interest.”– Gadfly-in-Residence

Get it from Amazon for $ 8.71 or Subscribe & Save for $ 8.27/ month


A pack of brightly-colored, safe-to-eat shreddable toys that have concealed blocks and bells to keep your bird pulling out confetti for hours.


Marie Anderson

Get it from Amazon for $1399 or Subscribe & Save for $1399/ month


A stackable, divided cage if your birds loooove going at it when they share a space. It’s likewise mobile and has an extra lower shelf for storage.


Appealing evaluation: “We liked this cage, it is ideal for our needs, the size is terrific, and really economical.– Gloria Strahsburg

Get it from Amazon for $12199 (offered in different amounts).


A safe spray-on cage cleaner that eliminates bird waste from the cage and accessories without using chemicals like alcohol, bleach, ammonia, or chlorine.


Promising evaluation: “This is the best bird cage cleaner I have attempted. It works at least also or much better than other the brand names, the aroma is really pleasant, and the sprayer doesn’t clog up. Every other brand I’ve attempted gums up the spray hole. All in all, a terrific item that I will buy again.”– FELINE

Get it from Amazon for $1295 or Subscribe & Save for $1230/ month


A wood swinging ladder you can attach across both sides of the cage to promote more leg movement for your cockatiel (and make them feel like they’re going on a little experience every day).


Appealing review: “It took a week or 2 to find the right location in the cage for this however once I did I wouldn’t dream of moving it.– J. Anderson

Get it from Amazon for $ 6.86 (offered in 6 designs).


A hangable cuttlebone supplement enriched with vitamins like omega 3 and vitamin B1 which are stated to support healthy bones and feathers. (PS: it’s terrific for animal turtles and snails, too!)


Promising review: “My bird went through both of them in two days. He lost his mate so these aid with his stress and anxiety.”– Synner23

Get a pack of two from Amazon for $ 3.19 or Subscribe & Save for $ 3.19/ month


A vet-recommended multivitamin that is said to assist with whatever from plume or weight loss to preserving total health so your birdie beebs live longer.

Amazon, amazon.com

Promising evaluation: “Happy, healthy finches enjoy this things. I put a bit in their drinking water and gently sprinkle some on their food. I’ve been utilizing Nekton-S for years; and my finches have all lived well beyond their life span“– Dan the Man

Get it from Amazon for $1356 (available in bigger sizes) or Subscribe & Save for $1288/ month


A pack of small corn cobs you can let your bird peck at raw– or quickly appear the microwave for a movie night treat.

amazon.com, Vitakraft.

Get it from Amazon for $ 4.04 or Subscribe & Save for $ 4.04/ month

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